Firefox & Captivate Issues

There are two issues that can be really annoying when it comes to opening Captivate project in Firefox browser: Incompatibility message and a lack of a CP Smart Shape support.

Firefox is still on a “blacklist” for Captivate supported browsers and if you try to open HTML project with it you will get a compatibility warning:


This annoying message can be removed with a simple edit of AdobeCaptivate.ini file located in Captivate installation root folder.

Open ini file with editor and look for a line:

SuppressIncompatibleBrowserMessage = 0

Simply change the value from 0 to 1 and you will no longer receive this message.

SuppressIncompatibleBrowserMessage = 1

When it comes to Smart Shapes, in order to get a fully working Captivate project that includes Smart Shape buttons in Firefox, you must edit the CPM.js file included in the published output directory (under assets/js directory):


Open the CPM.js file in your preferred text editor and find:


Edit this to include “event” as a parameter:



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